Online Gaming



Online gaming is very strong regulated industry that requires gaming operators to identify their players in order to avoid unauthorized persons to access the gaming site, and also as a way to prevent money laundry.

The strong gaming regulation, as well as the casuistry of the electronic commerce environments, make the online gambling operators have to face a diversity of challenges related to the identification of the players.

High cost of players enrollment process

Gaming regulation requires a operators to setup the methods for the correct documentary verification of the identity of the players.

This process not only requires qualified personnel to verify the validity of identity documents, but also consumes time and resources.

All this implies a high cost, reduces agility to the registration process and endangers the player registration process.

Biocryptology offers a player identification service that, in addition to verifying the validity of identity documents of various countries, extracts the information contained therein and stores it directly in the operator’s management system, all done in a few seconds and offering a Exceptional user experience for the player.

Banned players using other’s identity

Gaming operators faces cases where a banned player uses another person identity for gaining access to gaming sites, collecting welcome bonuses and keep doing what they did to be included in the black list.

When using Biocryptology, the gaming operator is certain that the player who accesses the site is really the person who has registered, since the identification is done with biometrics.

Lost sales due to access issues

Based in research done by major consultancy companies, for every 1.000 user, there are almost 300 password issues a month, from which, almost 200 does not conclude the password reset procedure, resulting in a “no sale”.

Considering the average bets place per visit, it is easy to find out the amount of revenue an operator is missing due to access issues.

Biocryptology offers a frictionless access to gaming site, removing any potential obstacle that can block a player desire to play.

High unproductive cost of Helpdesk calls regarding access issues

If we use above information about the 300 incidents regarding access to sites per 1.000 user, and consider the average cost related to each call made to a Helpdesk, we can estimate that the cost of management access incidents is higher than 7.000€ a month per thousand users.

As Biocryptology offers a frictionless way for granting access to players without the use of user/password, operators would save that money.

The high cost of being GDPR compliance

Keeping players sensible identification data is not cheap.

Biocryptology behaves as a GDPR data container, allowing gaming operators to access their customers’ data anytime they want, but without the need of maintaining the costly IT infrastructure required for keeping such data safe and secure, as stated by the GDPR.