We’d like to make life easier to any business, offering a disruptive solution based on biometric recognition to identify and authenticate their customers.

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What benefits do we offer to your business?

Stand out from your competition

Beat the competition in integrating a new biometric-based payment method into your ecommerce. Increase your sales offering a convenient, easy and fast user experience.

Login with Biocryptology

Break down the barriers built during the sign-up and the password-based login processes when trying to access and purchase in your ecommerce. With Biocryptology, your customers can skip these steps and get faster where they want.

Strong Customer Authentication

The Biocryptology Strong Customer Authentication allows you to comply with the PSD2 directive without constraining your sales results. PSD2 is a European directive, in forced from September 2019, which aims to improve security and strengthen protection against fraud in online payments. It also controls access from third parties to bank accounts data.

Omnichannel Experience

Biocryptology can also be used in physical stores, offices, etc. At your store, your customers log in using our app and complete the purchase process with their fingerprint or their face.

Verified ID

You won’t need to verify the ID information provided by your customers, because Biocryptology does (verify) it for you.

Corporate Access

Allow your employees to access your corporate systems with their biometrics.


We collaborate with many companies, bringing out new and powerful services. Don’t hesitate and contact us, because Biocryptology is for everyone and for everything.