Below you will find a guide that explains you how to download and install the Biocryptology App. Once installed, you will be able to try it in our demo showcase and start enjoying the Biocryptology experience: a world without usernames and passwords.

If you have already installed Biocryptology’s App on your device, you may go directly to the demo showcase

After you have followed the steps for downloading and installing our app, you can check it out for yourself. 

With the following links you can experience a real-life example of logging in without a username and password. 

Make sure that you have the fingerprint identification functionality already configured on your phone.

Biocryptology will allow you to securely log in to your accounts trusting in the security of this phone by using your fingerprint. For you security please ensure that only your fingerprints are registered in this phone.

Visit the app store supported by your phone, search and install the Biocryptology app.

The app will request your email, mobile phone number, name and surname.

For verification reasons, an SMS-message and an email with a link will be sent to you (to be used for confirmation). The app will ask for the codes received in the verification messages.

The app requests a finger to be placed on your phone’s fingerprint sensor. If the finger is recognized by the phone, then a confirmation message appears that it has been enrolled correctly.

“Open a website of a Biocryptology partner on your PC and click the button “Login with Biocryptology”. You may also visit our showcase page and pick one of the demo sites.

This process only has to be completed once and is also valid for accesing websites of other Biocryptology partners within the same web browser.

On your mobile phone click the option “Add new place” and then scan the QR code. The app will ask you for a confirmation.

On your PC, Biocryptology will show what information of your profile is requested by the website and you can authorize it or not. If you approve it, then the login is established and you can access this website using Biocryptology