The current market evolution has a digital trend that is changing our buying habits. More and more online stores are gaining consumer confidence. Shops like Amazon, Alibaba or EBay has been placed as an ecommerce reference in numerous markets.

This new way of doing business entails the appearance of new tools that are already starting to prevail in the online environment, such as CIAM or Customer Identity and Access Management tool that aims to obtain a deeper knowledge of the client to perform marketing communications in a more personalized and interesting way for the user, and facilitate users´registration  on the web, because without this registration, it is no use to have a great product in our possession.

What a CIAM system intends is to:

  • Connect with the client
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Convert those records into sales

This leads to the creation of personalized campaigns that enable a real strategy of personal communication.

Among these clients´ identification tools that facilitate the login and registration of a user in a web and can be linked to the famous social login, we also find the P.A.I.V or open platforms of verified identification.

P.A.I.V are trustworthy entities that ensure verified user credentials to the companies that integrate them.

These platforms, which use biometrics and a device in power of the user (as an smartphone) to add verified information to the login process, integrate a code by the company with a very low cost, work both in the digital and physical environment, and help to comply with the regulations on GDPR or PSD2 have all this advantages:

  • Security
  • Quick implementation
  • Omni-channel
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Verify information
  • Minimal cost

Thanks to these platforms people are certain, in addition, that they are not falling into identity theft campaigns (phishing, hacking …) what increases their security and confidence in the organizations that already introduce an open platform of verified identification.