As we already know biometric technology is being quickly spreading in every kind of processes that need a trusty and unequivocal authentication of the person that is executing them, such as security systems, personal attendance registers of a company, or secure access to online information, computers or banks, to name a few.

In order to make security available to everyone, biocryptology created a universal identification platform for both online and physical access, that allows its user to identify themselves using an app and their biometrical data (fingerprint, iris or face), offering several security levels, from level 1 that provides access to the user´s controlled online and physical locations and has no ID check performed, to level 4 that require a very high assurance of user´s ID and it´s designed for airports, social security services, and e-signing notary documents and where an official ID check done by the policy is needed.

For the levels in between ID verification could be done by a Digital Identity Verification Provider or by a qualified third-party identifier. It is in these cases when Mitek, as a partner of biocryptology, will provide identity verification of the users, ensuring that biometric credentials are assigned to the right person when onboarding, and that users are who they say they are without the need to present documents in person. Instead, they can be verified on their own device while biometric data is captured.

As René Hendrikse, VP and Managing Director, EMEA, Mitek said: “Biocryptology aims to use biometric technology not just to unlock phones, but to ensure security in all aspects of our life from banking transactions to replacing our door keys. We’re delighted to partner with them to ensure that the on-boarding process is just as secure and effortless.”

For biocryptology working with Mitek to integrate its best-of-breed identity verification technology into our platform, means that our customers can be assured that the critical onboarding step is simple and secure.