The Expert Box, an independent and privately funded startup, with the mission of commoditizing knowledge globally by enabling experts from different domains to clone and scale their skills through automation launched a new version of their knowledge automation platform including biocryptology´s support to easily and securely register and sign into their website ( Wynand Vermeulen (founder) explains the concept of The Expert Box and why he choose to use biocryptology:

  • Tell us how “The Expert Box” came about and what it does.

While automating my own knowledge in the secure payments domain several years ago, and successfully selling it to many banks, I realized that all knowledge workers, from doctors to layers to consultants to mechanics to sports coaches, use a pattern of asking questions and processing answers to solve problems, so I created The Expert Box as a knowledge automation platform where human experts from a wide range of domains, automate, share and monetize their knowledge.

Traditionally automation required access to a large set of software development resources and a platform was needed to automate conversation and process flow by click and drag logic flowchart design, using reasoning and cause and effect and using tried an trusted data structures inspired by IT, such as if then else and loops.

Most simple constructs require no code; however, the platform makes use of logical expressions which are Low Code enabled for advanced features, and access to external data sources, real-time data, and AI algorithms for Image Processing, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Once created, constructs can be interacted with, for free or for a modest fee set by the handler, using any device with an internet connection, delivering the same quality of knowledge as you would have received in person.

Our entire platform is free to use for all, except when a construct is monetized, and the expert earns money, for which we deduct a small fee to cover our costs and growth.

  • What motivated you to create this platform?

Before creating The Expert Box, I spent a decade traveling the world working as payment security consultant to banks and mobile networks. I was tired of eating alone in restaurants and soulless hotels and telling the same story to different people while sacrificing my personal life for a career.

I wanted to stop doing repetitive work, I wanted the interesting cases, and I wanted to help more customers while spending less time so I had more time for a quality life.

I needed a clone. A clone that could talk and behave just like me in a professional setting, while I spent more time enjoying life. A slave clone that made me money while I slept. Today we call such a clone a construct.

  • What is the way to create this “clone”?

Knowledge automation is the only answer, together with the goal of sharing knowledge to the benefit of all people. The problem was that previously you needed a lot of IT skills and a team of developers to build an automated system or app that resembles your knowledge.

I could not find a web form tool that supported nested logic, and none of the chatbot platforms supported flow control beyond simple segways, and all the other automation software required Desktop software installations. None supported loops, server-side processing, real-time data sources or big data storage and reusable components as used in modern cross-platform applications.

Thus it became clear a new knowledge automation platform was needed where the constructs are designed by visual logic in flowcharts so that anyone can automate their knowledge.

  • Why choose biocryptology?

Experts trust The Expert Box with their encoded knowledge, the knowledge they earn their daily bread with, the result of their life’s work and experience – it is valuable and needs to be protected.

Automated knowledge never leaves our servers during a session with a user, however, is accessible to the expert during the design of a construct. It is thus vital to strongly identify users to ensure access to the right knowledge while at the same time to protect their privacy.

While there are other 3rd party sign-in services on the market, including Google, Facebook, and other Social Media plugins, they all tend to spy on users, and thus we avoid them in favor of user privacy.

Biocryptology has pure a security motive, takes privacy as seriously as we do, and offers a high-security single sign-on service. This complements our existing username password security and provides our users with a stronger way to secure their accounts and valuable knowledge.